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Welcome to Paranoid Android, 

This wiki is aimed to be the most complete and compressed information page for users / developers who want to read all about Paranoid Android. Note that this wiki is still in progress and welcomes anyone to contribute information here.

Paranoid Android is a minimal custom rom that is meant to extend on google's design philosophy of AOSP. No frills, only things that matter.

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  • quick setting tiles
  • Seethrough
  • Pie Controls

About Paranoid AndroidEdit

Paranoid Android is a custom rom focused on open devices. We aim to not simply add to Android but extend it, utilizing the same design philosophies Google uses with AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

Getting StartedEdit

Want to try Paranoid Android out? Check if your device is supported, then go to our flashing guide.

If you are using a GSM Galaxy Nexus, try the Galaxy Nexus installation guide.

New to Paranoid Android and feeling confused? Check out our Feature walkthrough.

Having issues? Check our FAQ: (experienced users/developers; please contribute to the list. It's too short right now).

After every release, you can check the changelogs here.

Have a feature request or a problem not listed here? Go over to the official XDA forum before asking questions in the Google Plus community.

Current IssuesEdit

Up till now, PA seems to be very very stable. Bugs will be added as they are discovered.

Latest activityEdit

Welcome to the Paranoid Android rom wiki! This is a community wiki intended to provide information and guides for users of Paranoid Android.

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