Installing Paranoid AndroidEdit

Please not that following these steps will void your warranty. In addition, any damage done to your phone is the responsibilty of the owner. Install at your own risk.

If this is your first time installing a custom ROM, make sure youre bootloader is unlocked and you have a custom recovery installed. Since each phone handles this process differently, there is no set universal guide for this. A quick Google search will tell you how to unlock your bootloader. NOTEUnlocking your bootloader will delete apps/data. Doing a full backup of your data is recommended.

Pre-Installation Steps:


  1. Place the ROM file and PA Google Apps file on your device. It doesn't matter where, just make sure they're easy to find.
  2. Power down your phone.
  3. Boot into recovery by holding down the Volume Down + Power buttons.
  4. Navigate to the "Wipe" section of your recovery. For a full wipe, select /data, /cache, and /system.
  5. If it wasn't previously done, wipe Dalvik Cache. Wait for completion.
  6. Navigate to the home menu of your recovery. Click "Install".
  7. Select the ROM file, wherever it may be on your phone. If you are using TWRP, navigate to the "Add ZIPs" section and select the Gapps file.
  8. Install the files. This may take some time.
  9. Once complete, reboot and enjoy!

Upgrading Paranoid AndroidEdit


  1. On your phone, navigate to the Paranoid Android OTA (PAOTA) application. 
  2. Choose the "Check" option to check for updates.
  3. When an update appears, choose the "Download and Install" button. Wait for the file(s) to download.
  4. Choose the install button. Your phone will prompt you to install once more; confirm the installation.
  5. Wait for your phone to reboot into recovery and automatically install the new content.
  6. If it does not automatically reboot, manually reboot your phone. Enjoy!

Steps For Manual Installation: 

  1. Download your device's latest ROM and Google Apps.
  2. Reboot to recovery, find and flash your ROM zip file.
  3. wipe dalvik and cache
  4. (Optional) Find and flash your latest Google Apps package and wipe cache and dalvik again.
  5. Reboot and let the device rest for at least 5 minutes to be optimized.


  • This method of installation is known as "dirty" flashing--no wiping is done between flashing updates. While 99% of the time this is perfectly okay for incremental upgrades, it can cause trouble. But, it usually doesn't.
  • PAOTA users can skip most of the steps above because PAOTA will automatically reboot to recovery, wipe cache and dalvik and flash updates automagically. You will need compatible recovery for this to work (i.e : TWRP or Philz Recovery)
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