These changes should be present in any device-build that is created using PA as the base. Device specific tweaks (additions and/or removals) implemented on legacy builds or any non-official builds will NOT be listed here, these should instead be noted by the device maintainer/developer in the appropriate device thread. In an effort to keep this concise, minor bug fixes and optimizations will be omitted. Those can be viewed on Github and/or Gerrit. Major user-facing bug fixes would however be noted.

Initial Release - AOSPA 4.0 Beta <2013-12-24>Edit

  • Built-in SuperSu
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Enhanced Volume Buttons
  • Enhanced Volume Controls
  • Global Immersive Mode Toggle
  • Notification LED Light Controls
  • Actionable Status Bar Date/Time
  • Keyguard Quick Unlock [standard]
  • Disable full screen keyboard [standard]
  • Basic file browser (Documents <from Omni>)
  • Exposed Google's Native App Privacy Controls
  • Recent/Clear All Button Combo (context aware)
  • Screenshot Delete Added to Screenshot Notification
  • Optional Lock Screen Transparency (blur effect WIP)
  • Optional Status Bar Battery Icons (mirrored in quick settings)
  • Quick Settings 2.0 (edit tiles from within the pull down panel)

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 2 <2014-01-13>Edit

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Sprint data issues
  • Fix lockscreen blur rotation on tablets
  • Fix quick settings edit mode icon transparency
  • Fix possible force close when enabling see through lockscreen
  • Standardize notification LED app selector icon size

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 3 <2014-01-20>Edit

  • Quick settings 3.0
  • Maximize lockscreen widgets
  • Fix bug with rotation lock tile
  • Fix network tiles for CDMA devices
  • Fix graphical glitches on galaxy nexus
  • Update AOSP dialer icon to Google dialer icon
  • Separate device encryption password from lockscreen password
  • Contextual "on-the-spot" preference dialog (first implementation: Quick settings pull down)
  • AOSP dialer check (removes features that rely on AOSP dialer if Google dialer is installed)
  • Other AOSP bug fixes

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 4 <2014-01-27>Edit

  • Restored two finger quick setting pull down
  • Improved lightbulb activation time on tablets
  • Immersive mode fixes (also, now a dual tile)
  • Network toggle tile is disabled if Google dialer is installed
  • Sleep tile long press opens power menu
  • Long press rssi (mobile network) tile takes you to data usage
  • Dimmed dual tile switch icon
  • Downloads notification now expandable (show download speed)
  • Fixed Nexus 10 bootanimation
  • Add SuperSU to settings, hide app from launcher
  • PA OTA fixes

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 5 <2014-02-10>Edit

  • Quiet hours
  • National data roaming
  • Updated and fixed a few APNs
  • Enable transparency on Manta
  • Update ParanoidOTA (no longer requires root access)

    Bug Fixes
  • Custom notification LED code reworked
  • Download speed not showing/expanding
  • Quick settings fixes
  • Manta flashlight toggle fix
  • A few AOSP fixes

AOSPA 4.0 Beta 6 <2014-02-17>Edit

AOSPA 4.1 Beta <2014-03-03>Edit

  • Notification Peek
  • Pie Control fixes
  • Bugs fixes

AOSPA 4.2 Beta 2 <2014-03-25>Edit

  • Notification Peek wakelock fixes + tweaks
  • Immersive mode modifications
  • QuickSettings sound tile
  • Custom lock screen
  • Update App ops (App privacy) layout
  • Update download notification formatting

AOSPA 4.2 Beta 3 <2014-04-01>Edit

  • Updated immersive tile drawables
  • Show live wallpaper in recent apps view
  • Switched from SuperSU to SuperUser

    Bug fixes
  • Custom lock screen blur crash
  • Pie control graphics bug on recents??
  • On boot brightness bug
  • Random showing of nav bar in Pie mode
  • OTA fixex

AOSPA 4.2 Beta 4 <2014-04-08>Edit

  • Added open source dialer lookup <SlimROM>
  • Do not show advanced reboot options on secure lock screens
  • Fixed rare Pie’s freeze
  • Fix a LTE issue for Toro/Toroplus
  • Updated lightbulb notification drawable
  • Other Bug fixes

AOSPA 4.2 Beta 5 <2014-04-22>Edit

  • Additional battery status option
  • Removed custom lock screen wallpaper (requires updated UI)
  • Added transparency to incoming call screen
  • Bug fixes

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 1 <2014-04-29>Edit

  • Initial Hover release
  • Long press recent button to switch to last app
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Make clear all recents button optional
  • PA OTA user interface updates
  • Update Documents UI (can now install apk files)

    Bug fixes
  • Documents UI crash when selecting from downloads tab
  • Quicksetting appear even if disabled (when pulling down over clock)
  • Pie freeze bug
  • Other generic fixes

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 2 <2014-05-01>Edit

  • Ability to disable IME notification
  • Fix two finger pull down bug
  • Fix some Hover bugs
  • Updated in call UI
  • Bug fixes

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 3 <2014-05-06>Edit

  • Launch floating mode apps from notification shade (long press)
  • Launch floating mode apps from recent apps
  • Incoming call in background
  • Hover black list
  • Root access modes (disabled, apps only, adb only, apps and adb)
  • Bug fixes

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 4 <2014-05-13>Edit

  • Hover - swipe to dismiss
  • Optional low battery warning settings
  • Update circle battery design 

    Bug fixes
  • QS tile text alignment
  • Incoming call answer ring position
  • Launch floating mode from recents
  • Hover blacklist
  • Hover notification button transparency

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 6 <2014-5-23>Edit

  • Peek: 
    - Logic improvements
    - Don’t show on sim pin
    - Implement blacklist feature
  • Hover:
    - Logic improvements
    - Don’t show on sim pin 
    - Fixed notification clicker on some notifications
    - In call improvements
    - Once expanded current hover notification stay there until you touch outside or de-expand it. 
      When incoming call notification drops down is locked and no other notifications are 
      processed until call’s end. To dismiss it (hide), decline/accept call clicking the buttons or open 
      the dialer tapping on the notification
    - Fix some spam
    - Hide on dismiss (even from a button inside notif, reflects live parent android notification removal)
  • Floating window: 
    -Implement blacklist feature
  • General
    - Complete Italian translations of public git source (thank you crowdin contributers)
    - Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed
    - Keep app when opening floating window from recents panel
    - Some upstream fixes
    - PAOTA fixes

AOSPA 4.3 Beta 7 <2014-5-27>Edit


  • Fix all reported bugs
    * Revamped showing logic
    * While hover is expanded, tapping outside will not insta hide
    * Fix random invisible notifications.
    * Prevent another notification from showing over current one.
    * Fix handling of phone call notification in hover.


  •  Added support for Peek app
    * Fixed an AOSP bug affecting hover
    * Cleaned blacklist code
    * New blacklist interface in apps settings
    * Fix crashes with incoming calls

AOSPA 4.4 RC1 <2014-6-8>Edit


  • Fixes for Recents view, prevent NPEs
  • On boot keyguard dialog improvements
  • Cleanup LED implement a bit
  • Logical fixes


  • First public stable state
  • Various improvements
  • Improved Ticker handling, now will show for blacklisted apps
  • Don’t open current notification in floating if is from current foreground app
  • Smoothness

Theme Engine:

  • Updated to latest CyanogenMod state
  • Officially 0-Day supported upstream changes
  • Fixed home button refreshing on applied theme


  • Improved PIE’s trigger
  • Improved navbar handling
  • Cleanup of public API


  • New Googly style (thanks +Austin Hill for concept drafting)
  • General fixes
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